Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally Some Info!

I know that I owe everyone a big update on what's been going on in my life lately so I'm going to try to take a page from Barbie's book and break it all down into categories! So if memory serves me I left off not long before my road trip and I was still updating about my health issues, so we'll start there.

My Injury- So everyone know's that back in May I somehow injured myself and had a lot of low back/hip pain and terrible siatica. I am still dealing with the injury although it seems to be getting better slowly. I went through a lot of chiropractic and they said I had compression of L1-L5 and a listing spine. I did chiro from June to the second week in July or so. I went to the ER sometime in June and was told that they didn't see anything wrong with my spine and to follow up with my Dr. Followed up with the Dr. a week later or so and was reffered to physical therapy with the understanding that if I did not improve in 12 weeks that I should get an MRI to further diagnose. PT started in mid June and I've been going once or twice a week (excluding my 18 or so days out of town) without much change. The changes in my pain are that I don't really have very much siatica anymore, but now my leg from my mid calf down to my toes are numb and tingly ALL THE TIME. It's not a big tingle, but certain things make it worse, like lying down flat or extending my leg out. I still have a dull back/hip ache that sometimes catches me, but overall it is annoying but liveable. The bad news is I still can't really exercise because all the movement aggravates it and then I'm really sore for a few days. PT did massage and exercise therapy which did help some, but I think resting it has really done the most good. PT diagnosed me initially with a twisted pelvis and worked to correct it, but then it always goes right back out of line. At my recent follow up the PT decided that I must have a herniated disk (which is why my body keeps leaning back to one side to avoid it) and that I should request an MRI from my Dr. to confirm it for further treatment. So I called up the Dr. and the order has been made, now I have to call tomorrow to schedule the appointment. Until then I'm going to start traction therapy at PT twice a week. I had my first session on the 30th and it didn't hurt at all while they were doing it, but afterward my hip was sore and now it's back to bothering me a little more, so I have to let them know at my next appointment and see what we should do next. Overall this injury has been such a long and drawn out thing and I'm just so anxious to find out what the hell is actually wrong with me. More updates when I know something new!

My Move- On June 15th-16th, I moved from one mold infested house to right around the block to a "non- moldy" abode. It was hell! I packed and moved everything myself with the help of two friends, but I only had one person at a time helping me, so imagine me with my injury hefting 150 lb furniture with the help of only one person at a time. I might be a young woman with no children, but DH and I have a lot of shit! We managed to get in all done in two days and about 4 trips with the U-Haul. Can I say I was very impressed with my U-Haul driving skills? I got one of the really big ass ones too, like 28ft, ha ha. I looked so tiny driving that beast around! I totally didn't give a fuck and backed that mother up over the curb through the front yards and put the ramp right on the front porch. Don't mess with an injured woman moving 8,000 pounds of shit with only one fellow mover, she really won't care how white trash that bitch looks on the front lawn! We only managed to break a few things, which considering our lack of professionalism in packing that thing down and how hard it was to carry that stuff, I call a win. I got to pocket most of the money by doing it ourselves and that really helped out with the bills and the trips I took. I'm still unpacking the house though because I've been gone more than two weeks since the move happened and now I'm down to no help and frankly I'm tired. It'll all get done when it gets done, I'm not stressing over it at all. The new house looks almost exactly like my old house with only a few minor differences, so it doesn't really feel much different. However, I have found a few things that are bothering me... The washer hookups leak and while I was on vacation the wall behind the washer got soaked... shit I guess my new house is going to have mold now, but fuck that I'm not moving again. The bathroom toilet moves when you sit on it and the stuff I put on the back keeps falling off, I wonder if maintenance can fix that? The bathroom sink has a small leak which I cannot find the source of, so I'm going to have to get maintenance in here soon to look at that. My airconditioning here is not quite as good as it was at the other house... boo! The dimmer swtiched and fan control knobs don't work right, again another maintenance request once the house is unpacked. Other than that it's ok. I like my new back yard, it has a privacy fence and a big shade tree, but there is dirt in some places so I might throw down some grass seeds and pray they hold. I hate mud. My neighbors haven't bothered me personally yet, but they have a LYD (little yappy dog) that likes to bark in the bedroom, which is right behind mine. The parking lot has 24 spaces for 8 homes and yet on the weekend there is never a free space, can we say party animals much because I know we don't all have 3 cars. I'm adjusting though and things will get better once my home is all unpacked and the trash is all removed.

So those are my first two updates, the next installment will be my road trip across country and maybe my trip to Bahrain. See you soon all my chickies!