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I'm a 24 year old Navy wife currently living in Virginia Beach, VA with my husband and 2 beautiful kids... erm, cats. (Yes I will be a crazy cat lady one day.) We have been together for 8 beautiful years and married for 5, as of February 21st. My lovely fur babies are Sigmund and Bella, they are siblings and are 4 years old. I am originally from a small town in South Carolina, but have lived in California, Washington, Florida and now Virginia. I enjoy traveling and plan to see as much of the world as possbile, we have plans to cruise Europe in the next year. I also love to read, learn, watch several tv shows, go to movies, metal detect, trying to indentify unknown remains, and try new things. (You like how I just threw that in there, huh? I really do though!) I'm a huge thrill seeker and will pretty much do anything once! I have ziplined in a rainforest and I love rollercoasters. I'm a total geek who loves science fiction, sewing, photography, cooking, and planning. Yes, I said planning, I am the "man" with the plan and I hate to be uninformed or unprepared! I do trust in God and admit my life definitely needs some work, but Jesus is my savior! I believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and I will meet my goals, realize my dreams, and follow my heart!

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  1. Hey Peps! I miss you like crazy over in 3fatchicks land. But this new blog of yours rocks my socks too. I love love love the pics of you and your honey. You two look so happy! And writing about "life's" ups and downs is much sweeter than obsessing over one's weight constantly... although I seem to not to be able to let go! Anyhow, let's not lose touch because you are totally awesome! Big hugs! :)


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