Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Gah as soon as life gets straight things tend to fall apart again! I've had tons of things going on lately so yes I am begging for all your mercies that you can put up with my absentia! I just went through a technology overhaul which included having to get a new hard drive so I'm starting my technological life over and making things simpler since I have to start over anyway...

Long story short I'm moving this blog to another blogger so that I can link everything to my gmail account and keep all my files, information, and other odds and ends all in one place. Since I signed up under my yahoo email, it won't allow me to change my primary email here to a google account... why I have no idea but whatever.

So until I have time to really get in there and update its a basic blog with all my old stuff imported, nothing special but I'll be back around on the regular soon. Bitching and complaining as usual I'm sure! I've uploaded everyone I'm following into the new blog below is a screen share of everyone I have listed in my reader. If you think I missed you and I should be following you please leave me a comment with your web address so I can be sure to add you. Sometimes things fall through the cracks and I don't want to lose anyone!

Thanks guys and I'll be around soon, in the meantime please update your links to my blog to the new address listed above!

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