Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am a Navy Wife

I am proud to be a Navy wife and I am to my core, but I'm not one of those wives that make their husbands career their career too. I support my husband and my country 110%, but I'm not in the military and I don't deserve any praise. Something about those women drives me a little batty, you know the ones I'm talking about... I especially take offense when they wear their husbands government issued sweat pants and hoodies out to run errands- "Did YOU earn the right to wear that uniform?" And yes it IS a uniform. As a military wife I DO put up with a lot of bullshit and I won't deny myself (or any other military wife) that I do, but I can walk away at anytime, he however can't. My point here is that as much as I'm proud, supportive, patriotic, and true- you won't find me claiming my husbands career as my own. I will pledge to help him study for exams, stay true through deployments, take care of our home, iron his uniform, shine his boots, sew on his patches, dance with him at the ball, write him endless letters, send him thousands of packages... but I will never take the credit for what he can do. He did it and he deserves the credit. I <3 my sailor!

I am a Navy wife with her OWN life! Navy and proud; independent and loud!

I have been think about the future a lot lately, I have a really big summer planned for myself and I know I need to really sit down and bang out the details. The DH (dear husband) will be leaving in mid-March, off to the middle east to play with big metal toys... I'm gonna miss him so much, it was only 9 months ago that he came home from his last deployment. I hope it passes by quickly, but we both have something to prove while apart and we ultimately feel like this is an opportuniy for growth. I need to settle into a healty routine and basically stress relive, he needs to spend more time training and getting back into shape. This time apart will suck and I would pay to keep him home if I could, but alas I can't and so we will both make the best of it. We only found out he was leaving less than a week ago; I think I still don't believe it. The last time he flew away I was the only spouse that stayed at the airport to watch the plane take off... It felt so sad to me, that no one else would stay. Maybe it was too hard for them and their children, but for me I couldn't just leave while he was still there on the tarmac. I'm sure I'll stay and watch him take off again, maybe I won't be the only one this time?


  1. You are incredibly strong. I get upset with DH goes to Aussie for a couple days for work!

  2. I was trying to comment on your 3fc blog, but it keeps freezing for some reason. Grrrr. It is nice to see you blogging away from 3fc. It really sucks that your husband has to go away again, but it seems like the both of you are better prepared for it this time.


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