Thursday, March 1, 2012


No matter what, I can never go to sleep before midnight. It's usually not before 3 am most nights, are there a lot of people out there like this? I have to leave for work in 7 hours- thats LEAVE, not wake up lol. I have tried all sorts of things, tylenol pm, simply sleep, valerian root, melatonin, exercise, warm milk, dimming lights, narcotics, etc... The only thing that ever really put me to sleep was a muscle relaxer and darvocet and it's not like I can take those nightly to sleep with! Hell, they recalled darvocet because it apparently causes heart problems, I used to take that stuff for migranes, maybe I'll have a heart defect one day and we can call one of those tv laywers... "If your hurt, he'll come to you. Call Joel Bieber..." He, he, he, I've always wanted a reason to see if those dudes are as cheesy in real life as they are on tv, does anyone else see "Lowell the "Hammer" Stanley" on their tube? LOL

I think "night-owl-ism" is an inherited disease. My parents were night owls, I was a night owlet. My dad worked 3rd shift most of my childhood and I had a tradition that I would give him a kiss bye everynight right before he walked out the door. That means I was still awake at 11pm waaaay back then and I still had to get up at 6am to go to school. I wonder if all that research is legit about kids preforming better with more sleep- I was an honors student 3.8, I'm just saying here... My bestie thinks I'm a nut because I don't go to sleep with DH at night, I actually "tuck him in" with a kiss everynight by 9pm since he has to be up by 5am. I guess what feels so natural to one person might seem odd to someone else, but for me, I sleep when I can not when I want to. He complains that I don't snuggle him often enough, but we've been together long enough for him to know I can't help it. I don't think I'm too odd on this, but what do you think?

Can't believe how fast time is going by, it's Thursday already- another week almost done. Sixteen days until he leaves. Oh, I don't think I mentioned before but he will be gone at least until September maybe longer depending on the state of the world- this wasn't a planned mobilization as it is. I should go since I have to work and at least try to sleep tonight.


  1. I'm right there with you. Wide awake at odd hours, not even sure how to make relationships work when people have such opposing schedules.
    I like the new blog, I personally love being able to look at each post individually and having the option to go to newer/older posts with one click.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, wow! You are such a cute couple!

  2. I'm a night owl too! Have been since I could decide my own bedtime! I feel like I'm most productive between 8PM and 3AM, oddly enough. And if I go to sleep any sooner I feel like I'm missing out on my day =/ weird. But I like my schedule alright. Wish I could get up earlier because I almost NEVER go to my geology morning class >.< eek...

    Treasure your time with your DH! I'm sure he'll be back again home safe before you know it!

  3. I have a night owl problem too. I kind of go in cycles though, because I do experience periods of time when I go to bed and get up very early. An early schedule is difficult for me to maintain though, because as some point I start having sleepless nights.
    Generally I don't go to sleep until two or three in the morning (usually stays between two and four). I am hoping to shift this to midnight though, because I really want to be working out at 8:30 every day. When I am ready to go that early I am typically more productive.
    Ideally, I would like to just be an early riser and have my ass in bed by ten o'clock- but I don't know how practical that is.


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