Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3FC Followers Please Read

I'm posting here to comment to any 3FC follower:

I don't know what's wrong with the site, I can log in and post, but cannot comment on any of your blogs. I know that several of you are having issues too. If you haven't received any comments recently it's probably because we can't get them to go through. I have been following everyone as usual Jewlz, Jelbelle, Patty, & more, but commenting has become impossible. If any of you see this just want you to know that people are reading. Jewlz, I know you have been especially frustrated with it and fear losing your blogging material. I see you wrote that you also have a tumblr blog... is it possible for you to export your blog from 3FC (or import from tumblr) to send it to tumblr? Or another blog site? I vaguely remember Didi (Bits of String & Sealing Wax) posting something about importing/exporting before, at least I think I did... Maybe someone can leave a comment to shed some light of this for everyone. I've found that here at blogspot things are really easy to navigate and customize and offers a lot of extra features that wordpress does not. I have never used tumblr though so I can't offer any input there. I love blogspots following options too, as I can see everyone's blog that I follow from one page and know immediately as they update- No more random clicking around to see who's posted, YAH!  In any event, just wanted you all to know that I'm still reading. Hopefully it will be fixed soon or some of you will start blogs on other sites. Updates later, Pepa

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  1. 3FC blogs always have so many issues, not sure why. I'm glad I migrated away from there (at Didi's suggestion). When I tried to look at some of the old people I followed I also couldn't comment, this was months and months ago and so I gave up :*(

    So ya'll need to migrate away. Viva la revolucion!


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