Monday, March 19, 2012

Headed in the Right Direction

Today I managed to get off the arse and go to get my healthy groceries! I also reorganized the kitchen cabinets and put away all the things I know I won't or shouldn't eat. I found quite a bit that will go bad before DH comes home so I think I'll post it free on CL for some one in need. I also was miffed to find that I had some freezer burnt chicken and turkey in the freezer. How the hell did that happen? Have I really not cooked a decent meal at home in that long? I truly do believe that this animal was not meant to have a job outside of the home, it seems like when I do things go to shit around here.

I also went out and bought the gel pens and notebooks for my food journal. I got a new "diary" and a day planner as well. I like to keep a diary while DH is on deployment, it gives me a way to stay organized and to remember important things. I'm sure one day when we're old I'll enjoy reading it too. I re-did some calculations since I'm behind now and it seems that the best plan is to aim for 3 pounds a week until June, and then scale back to 2 pounds a week for the rest of the time. I know that as I get smaller it will be harder to lose, so it actually works out well to give myself that jump. 3 pounds is a hefty goal for a gal my size to keep up with for that many weeks still and I know that I need to get started right away. By next Sunday I should be 180.6 or less for my first goal.

After I finish here I am going to eat a salad and then do some more cleaning. I've managed to get the living room in "living" status and I organized the kitchen, but still need to finish in there. I should send Safire a plane ticket and have her come mop my floors, she LIKES cleaning. If you see this you are completely welcome to come and take care of mine for me! :) Actually reading her posts about vacuuming and getting up to clean motivate me in a way, it makes me WANT to WANT to do it, lol. My bestie just got a nice new sectional sofa today and it looks amazing. I don't know if it's just the fact that her house is more modern or what, but I think their decor looks so much better. I really makes me want to just throw all my junk out and start over! I'll have to take pictures one day and let you guys give me some arrangement tips. I really want to redecorate, but DH thinks that we shouldn't get anything new while he's in the military because It'll just get messed up in the move. My only problem is, will we be able to afford it when he's out? My guess is no. He is one of those men that don't see a problem with hodgepodge furniture or dull drapery... sigh.

Not really anything else to say tonight, I should get moving so that I can play with the kinect tonight and burn some calories. Wish me luck!

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  1. Sounds like you are becoming super organized just in time for Spring :)

    Good luck with everything!


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