Monday, March 5, 2012

So Tired!

The last couple of days have been SOOO long! I had to close the last 2 nights and tomorrow I'm there until 8:30pm, so I might as well be closing. We had a huge shipment at work today that came only an hour before the other employee left for the day, so I spent 4 hours unboxing crap rushing like hell to get it done so I could clean the place up. I think that's a big reason why I'm so tired of retail, I'm tired of cleaning up after other messy slobs. I have to do enough of that at home, do I really want to do it at work too? Or maybe it's the other way around, I do it so much at work that I despise it at home? Tonight was compounded by the fact a lone straggler moseyed on it at 8:44pm and guess what? This woman was either drunk or high on pills or something. SHE. WOULD. NOT. LEAVE. or take a hint. I tried all the tricks in the book and she kept forgetting which shoes she was trying on, she kept trying on the wrong size and when I'd keep reminding her to go to the right size she'd pick up something else to try on. NIGHTMARE! Then she wanted to look at shoes for her kids... all 4 of them! I told her the register was going to shut off, that went over her head. I turned off the music, I don't think she noticed. She didn't check out until 9:33pm (I'm supposed to be done with the money and locked up at 9:15pm) and you want to know what she does? Spends another 5 minutes looking at coupons on her cell phone, then when I hand her the recipet she says, "What time do you close?" I tell her 9pm. She says, "Oh man, do you know what time it is?" I tell her 9:39p. She says, "Are you salaried?" I say no. She says, "Why didn't you tell me you were closed, I would have kicked me out of here." I tell her, honestly we aren't allowed to tell customers that we are closed, they think it's bad for our image. I wanted to murder her, she wasted about 45 minutes of my life stumbling around messing up my cleaning, talking to me about jibberish and how "some bitch" needs to stop texting herabout getting home because she's loaning her $160.00 and the least she can do is watch her kids for a minute. GOD I HAD TO RANT ABOUT THAT! I wish I could have filmed that shit so everyone could see just what I was dealing with, uhg, only one more night then I have the next 3 off! Then I work saturday, then one day a week for the next 2 or 3 weeks and then I'm done. I seriously haven't been more ready.


  1. Do you get paid for that extra time?

  2. I get paid for it, but I'm paid by the hour, so it equates to less than $10.00 to deal with her bs. Tell me why I wanted to get another job like this to begin with???

  3. I worked for Payless Shoes Store years ago and come across the same type of ghetto people that stayed in the store after store hours and rummage through already organized racks. I hated it. One time I decided to turn off the lights on them.. LOL of course, I got in trouble for it. hehe.

    what's even more crappy is that when they decided not to buy anything!.. I repeat G-h-e-t-t-o with a capital G

  4. Bwaahaha! We get drunk/high visitors all the time. They ask for more than the actual patient. I like to direct them to vending and the Walgreens down the road.

  5. I couldn't handle retail, I would snap

  6. Monumental pain in the ass! I don't know how you kept your patience. Reminds me of when I finally get my lunch break or I'm ready to go home and I can't get students out of my room!
    "I don't eat lunch. Can I stay in here and listen to music on the computer?"
    No, go away. I'm going to talk about you with other teachers and you probably don't want to hear what I'm going to say."
    "snort, snort, haw,'re so funny, Mrs. R."
    "I'm not being funny. I don't want to look at you anymore. Go eat lunch."
    "hee, hee...really...can I stay here and play music on the computer?"

    Sistah Pat


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