Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

This week was a week of new beginnings. I didn't do my best, but I did a hell of a lot better than I have in a while. I went to the gym twice and tried to stay active at home as well. I completed a few major tasks around the house and have been sticking to my diet plan as well. This weigh in I have lost 4.4 pounds! I'm not surprised since it's my first week really back on it, but I know that I'll have to work extra hard this week to keep up the pace. Hope everyone is doing well, I've been reading but haven't had the time to post any thoughtful comments. I'm still getting my head together, but I'm definitely making progress. Good luck this week ladies!


  1. Congrats woman! That is awesome! :) any good diet pointers? what diet plan are you working with?

  2. 4.4 lbs is TREMENDOUS! Congratulations!


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