Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Falling off Sucks

Not feeling too much like blogging so this will be a short one tonight. Big news! I went out and purchased a couple of nice things for the house, 1) a really cute breakfast nook set for half off at a going out of business sale and 2) I placed the order for a new washer and dryer! I'm extremely excited about the new washer and dryer, my old dryer went *boom* a few months ago and the washer is an old 6 cycle beast so it's going to be a real treat to have brand new appliances. Plus I can wash the massive piles of laundry that I've been dreading to take to the laundromat. It should be delivered within 4 weeks tops because the one I wanted was out of stock- no biggie though just something to look foward to. The nook set I think will stay in the box until we move somewhere smaller. Right now we have a large table with a leaf that probably won't fit into a small apartment- which I'm banking we'll move to next go around. I also got a lot of other odds and ends errands completed and am starting to feel less brain cluttered.

Forgot to mention when I went to buy groceries Sunday I had a huge win! There was my absolute favorite guilty pleasure bakery fudge on clearance for .99 cents (regular 4.99) and I resisted all temptation to buy it! HUGE WIN in my book! Tonight I broke out the kinect for the first time and played "Your Shape Fitness Evolved"... it kicked my ass and I'm so ashamed. It wasn't even hard exercise and I only did it for about 30 minutes. It really goes to show just how long I've been out of the gym and getting out of shape. For those of you that don't know, when you use Xbox Kinect it displays your body on the tv and sometimes does real video of yourself for play back and such- OMG I. AM. HUGE. I'm trying my best to not make this demoralizing, but it is no matter how many ways I try to look at it. I was really fit last summer and here I am 10 months later a fat slob that can barely do the step touch with out getting winded- what happened??? Do we really lose our fitness that fast? It actually motivates me to really go for this balls out now, but I'm really daunted by how hard this is going to be.

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  1. I felt so flabby post-homebuying even though the # of the scale only changed a bit. I really think exercise keeps everything tight and in place. I totally relate.

    YAY FOR NEW WASHER AND DRYER! I would be super excited too.


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