Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Weigh In 5

I lost 2.2 pounds last week, a lot better than the previous week, so I am content. I told myself that I won't stress, because I know that in the end stress will only exacerbate the issue. I took a small LOA from the gym for about 5 days and tried to focus on at home activity and eating healthily and that seemed to help a little. I want to try to make an effort to go earlier in the day and have adequate time to rest in the evenings before bed. I'm hoping that switching my schedule up a bit will help get things moving again. My washer and dryer finally came Sunday and I'm happy to report 90% of my laundry is done and I only have a few things left to put away. I am going to work on cleaning out my closets sometime this summer, but I'd really like to lose another 20lbs before I decide what stays and what goes. I am at that point where everything kind of fits, but not much looks perfect yet, so I don't want to give anything up that I really like until I'm sure it's too big.

I have not really been reading blogs this week, so I apologize for lack of commenting. I am experimenting with using the laptop less and working on more projects to keep my energy levels up. I started taking some new supplements as well to see if I get any benefit from them. I am doing sub lingual B-12 daily and a "weight loss" supplement- which is basically glorified vitamins. I also scheduled an appointment with my doctor for next Thursday for a weight loss consultation. I have never actually went to a DR for this purpose in the past, but I figure why not? If they run some tests and figure out that I have a deficiency or thyroid issue, etc. then at least I'll know why things aren't going as smoothly this time around. I figure I'll just get the standard lecture about getting older or some BS, but if I ignore the apathy I'll be able to handle it. I just HATE when DR's act like they KNOW your body. Yeah, you might have a medical degree, but you aren't living inside of me and you don't know how I feel.

I also made an appointment that I have been thinking about for a very long time. I scheduled a consult with a cosmetic dentists about my "misaligned tooth" or lovingly called my "alligator tooth". It might me hard to see in my pictures, but one of my my maxillary lateral incisors protrudes and is farther up in my gum than the rest of my teeth. I should have gotten braces as a child, but by the time my parents could afford it (and they really couldn't anyway) I was in high school and scoffed at having a mouth full of metal. It was bad enough being 270lbs without dental hardware. It's hard to see in pictures dead center, but from the side it's ugly. I hate seeing myself in profile or a camera angle from underneath. I don't really want to get braces, invisalign or standard because I think they would be a bullshit hassle and still too expensive as my insurance only covers $1800 lifetime for them. I want to find out all my options, remove it and replace it with a porcelain tooth? A bridge, a crown, a veneer? I have not idea what can be done, but I know I want whats best for my health and my wallet. Anyway, that's on the 30th, so I will let you all know how it goes. Gotta run for now, good luck everyone!


  1. Congrats on the 2.2 pound loss! I just cleaned out my closet the other day (Luckily because I moved so much over the years I didn't have a closet that was filled with stuff over the years!) it was great! threw out a lot of clothing that I never wear but I can fit into. It was really refreshing and then motivated me to do the rest of my place! haha

  2. Woo-hoo! girl look at yoU! :) That's totally awesome and keep up the great work.

    I had the same idea as you regarding dental cosmetics. I have a lousy set of teeth (missing a couple) and can't wait when i can afford to revamp my teeth. I get self conscious too when I smile, and I freaking smile alot LOL so sometimes I forget that it's there (the gap from the missing tooth) and I get even more embarrased.

    Keep us updated :)

  3. I'm happy for your loss and even more happy that you're happy with it.
    Sounds like a productive wash week!
    I have a jacked up tooth, front row, center. It is a fake tooth that is horribly discolored. It's always been too expensive to replace it and I only notice it in pictures. Otherwise I hardly give it a thought. Someday I'll get it fixed.

  4. YES! 2.2 is AWESOME! Keep up the good work. :) I looked back over your pics and I have to say that yes, I had noticed it. Mostly because I had a friend back in VA who had the same issue and she went through the whole braces thing to fix it. She says she doesn't regret it one bit and it made a HUGE difference in how she looked. BUT, she also had other issues like a misaligned jaw that she had to have broken and re-set. I have horrid teeth, too. They are white and straight, but FILLED with cavities. I've done everything I can, but they still keep going downhill. It's slowed down recently, but I think it's because I am older now. THANK GOODNESS. I hope to avoid any more cavities and hope to eventually switch all of my old silver amalgams over to the new white that is now stronger than the silver. So, I understand! Maybe we all secretly have teeth issues! LOL So, I don't think it hurts to talk to the doc about your options and just see what can be done. I'm curious to find out! Just be sure he is a cosmetic Dentist with the latest technology and hopefully he will have lots of options for you.

    Not sure what to say about the Dr. consult for weightloss... I never thought of doing that. Heck, I haven't been to the Dr. since my youngest was born! I really should... I don't know why I've put it off, I just have. But now that I've thought about it, I guess I should make an appt. to get a checkup! Good luck with it and I am curious to see what he has to say... BTW, how are you liking the b12? I've heard that taking it can do so many things... like help with sleep. So, keep us posted on that, too!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I thought I would get a lot of flak for not jumping on the dog owning wagon :)

    My cousin was deployed to Afghanistan this last weekend for the next 9 months. He's an engineer who went to West Point. I wanted to send him biweekly care packages and did some research online on what would be good to send. Do you ever send your hubby care packages? What do you recommend I send to him? :D Thanks in advance!


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