Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Weigh In 2

Well this week I only lost 1.8 pounds, I am not happy with that, but I am content considering I had a big loss last week. I also know that I haven't given my all yet, so anything downward is good. This puts me a pound behind for the week so I really have to get my shit together this week. Now that my house is entirely clean (aside from the mountain of clothes I'll be washing when the new appliances arrive) I will definitely have more of a decluttered brain! The next big project will be getting my sleep schedule down, I really don't know how to approach this. How do you reset yourself to wake up at 9am, when you struggle to go to sleep before 4am? I know from using my body monitor that I am already not getting enough "restful sleep" with my average sleep efficiency at 82% for the last 2 weeks and I know it's effecting my loss. I'll figure something out I suppose... That's all for now, I have to get to the gym soon!


  1. I have been trying to get myself on an earlier schedule for weeks, and it is damned hard. We usually stay up until two to four in the morning and then sleep until ten to noon. The harsh truth is this: when I go to bed very late, I tend to sleep more. I will sleep for nine or ten hours. When I go to bed very early (say, by eleven) I typically need six and a half or seven hours of sleep. I also wake up feeling very energized, instead of groggy and tired. I have never figured out why this is, but I find it annoying. :)
    Here are some things that I have tried to reset my sleep schedule: I have an alarm that goes off every day at the ideal time that I wish to get up. I am still just turning it off and going back to sleep, but I have this theory that at some point I will start waking up at that time (eight a.m.) on my own.
    I also am going to put a sleep cycle alarm clock ap on my iphone. I hear that they are really effective, so maybe you should try it if you have a smart phone.
    Try to get up twenty minutes each day until you hit nine o'clock. That totally didn't work for me, but maybe you will have better luck.

  2. Exercise tires me out for a good night's rest. I also limit my caffeine after 4 pm and eat an early dinner. I'm a morning person though but hopefully you find out a schedule that works for you!

    Congratulations on your loss! 2 lbs a week sounds right on target!

  3. Look up sleep hygiene. I have changed many things around the past few years in order to get better quality sleep and it has worked. Turning off the computer and tv at least an hour before I want to be asleep really helps. So does listening to sleep meditation to get me there. I never got to where I wanted to be on the sleep schedule but trying to fight our natural rhythms too much is fruitless in my opinion. I think the most important thing is getting adequate, quality sleep is what us most important.
    Btw, don't sneeze at 1.8. At your size 1.8 is great, you are too tiny to be losing a huge amount each week. There are tons of studies that show that a 0.5-2 pound loss each week is more sustainable and effective. So some weeks it's 0.5 some it's 2 some it's none and others it is 5. If it all averages out to 0.5-2 you're less likely to gain it back.....or so I've heard. Cuz I sure am no weight loss guru!

  4. Congratulations mama! 2 lbs is a good loss, you will get to where you want to be, don't you worry :)

    BTW are you doing any summer challenges? I loved that one we did a while back I had fun! :)


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