Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Confessions and Ramblings...

I have a confession to make. I haven't been to the gym in 3 days, counting today it will be 4. I have become obsessed with "The Sons of Anarchy" and watched all three seasons in the last 5 days. The only reason I haven't started season 4 is that it's not out on DVD yet, boo. I think I'm going to find a motorcycle gang and ride off into the sunset and become someones old lady. What is it about the bad boys that makes us go crazy? I love Jax to death, would take Opie any day, cried like a baby when Half-Sack died, and have even had some impure thoughts about Tig of all characters, lol! I like this show more than Mad Men and quite possibly more than True Blood or Dexter, that says a lot! If you watch it though, no posts or comments with Season 4 spoilers or I might have to arrange a hit, lol- or am I joking? I was supposed to be working on my Spring Clean-a-thon and organization, but oh well. Guess I'll have to play double duty catch-up the next few days!
Still no tests results and no word back from the dental insurance, but I'll keep you posted. I just spent nearly $100 at Target buying space bags and plastic bins, hangers, and shoe racks so I'm off to organize my closet! have a good day all my chickie's!


  1. I love love love SoA! I was totally bummed when they killed off Half Sack too. Jacks, oh so hot. We almost called our son Jackson because of the show -LOL-

  2. Yep, SoA has a vote from me too! Love that show, lust after Jax and often fantasize about being an old lady while watching it!
    Sorry your hubby is going through shit on behalf of other assholes. Funny how thieves are everywhere!
    I can totally understand the parking space frustration. We all have separate entrances which means we all have grass in front of our own doors. I like to think of it as MY yard. When someone from another bulging let their dog shit in my yard the other day I was peeved. I was out on a walk but could see it going down and was muttering under my breath that she better pick it up. She did. She's lucky!


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