Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Rundown

Ok now that the errands are run, I can update everyone on the latest happenings...

Weight Issues: Yeah, still frustrated but hanging in there. I have done so much to get that extra little push in that I know there really isn't much more I could stand to do on that front. I am still plugging along at the gym, I have eliminated extra salt on all my foods (much to the expense of my taste buds), I am drinking tons of water and limiting myself to one (or zero) diet sodas a day, I have solved part of my sleep issues and am beggining to get a better nights sleep, and I am controlling my diet very well. I did calculate my overage and now I am a grand total of 8.4 lbs behind schedule (which equates to 3 weeks). So whatever, I'm doing what I can and I'm just gonna bitch and moan and get over it.

Dental Issues: Last week I told you all about my appointment to see what could be done about my "alligator tooth". The dentist I saw was very nice, I really liked her. She suggested that I get invisalign (or regular braces) because removing the tooth with it being so far out of line and then having to replace it would cause me to need veneers on four of my front teeth to even them out which would be just as expensive as braces and leave my without a natural tooth. The reasoning all sounded good to me and I am totally open to invisalign. Well, next they had the financial person come in to talk to me about the pricing and as it turns out, my insurance doesnt cover me for orthodontic work because I'm over 23. WTH? I never knew that was the case, if I had I would have went for a consult years ago, I was just waiting until we could afford it. So without insurance it's $5,400, that's $5,400 more dollars than I have to spend. But a small glimmer of hope here is... since my tooth is pretty far out of alignment the dentist believes that I could have dental health problems in the future such as bone loss, other tooth migration, etc which could in turn affect my other front teeth. Long story short, we are submitting a request to pre-authorize me for treatment for health reasons- not just vanity. I PRAY that it comes through, I should know something in the next two weeks. If it does then the insurance will pay for about half of my treatment. If not, I guess I'll be snaggle toothed forever...

DH: DH is doing really well and actually adjusting to deployment quite nicely. He is dog tired everyday, but his therapy and behavioral training are doing wonders for him and he has managed to cope without any major outbursts or alcohol. He is almost at 10 months sober and I'm so proud of him. He is also beggining to take more interest in his career again and making an effort to get essential training and study for his exams. We'll know the results of his last advancement exam in about 3-4 weeks (we are pretty sure he passed, but did not do well enough to advance). He will only have 2 more tests (one in Sept. and one in Mar.) before he will no longer have enough time to make the next rank for reenlistment. He is still undecided if he really wants out, but I think if the opportunity dropped in his lap, he would most likely reenlist for one more term. He has been struggling with his weight again though, his physical readiness test is June 1st and he needs to either lose 20 pounds, or 4 inches off his waist to pass. These things are a big deal and can in some instances end your career if you are being compared to someone that has never had a failure while you have when going up for reenlistment. I really hope that he can dig deep and find what he needs this month to get where he needs to be. He is trying, but he really traded the addiction of alcohol for food and now is in that lazy state where working out seems too hard. I just have to let it go though, there isn't really anything I can do other than encourage him.

Sleep Issues: I think I figured out a huge culprit in my inability to get a good nights rest... MY MATTRESS. It's only 5 years old, so I never thought that it could be the problem, but I think it's at least part of it. I have woken up with a stiff hip and sore lower back for the last 2 weeks. We regularly flip it and all, I guess it was just cheap. It's even a double sided pillow top! I slept in the guest room the last few nights and got 90% or higher on my sleep efficiency each night. That bed has a huge thick foam pad that my mother in law brought on her last trip to our house. I prefer the feel of a firm mattress, but that big cloud like pad seemed to do wonders for my back and rest. I did some scouting around and damn if good mattress' aren't expensive. I didn't look at any prices until after I layed on them- #1 Choice a aireloom for $4,000K, #2 Choice a restonic for $450 &; #3 Choice another aireloom for $1,500K. I guess I have expensive tastes, lol. DH says I have to wait for him to get home to pick one out so that we will both be satisfied, but I already know we are NOT spending over $1,000k for a mattress, I couldn't imagine. Most of the ones in the store were at least $1,500K, crazy!

Well the Biggest Loser starts in 10 minutes, so I gotta run! Can't wait tonight is the finale!


  1. Yikes those things are expensive especially the dental care. I hope everything works out for you on all fronts!

  2. Weight issues: if you can't bitch here where can you bitch? But I still think you are doing fine.
    Dental issues: snaggle tooth? That's what I lovingly called Moody when she was younger. I'm a bad mom, in case we haven't established this yet. It's too bad insurance has to be so asinine. I'm glad your dentist is willing to submit paperwork trying to get it covered for you.
    Your DH: glad to hear he's doing so much better this time around. That has to be a relief.
    Sleep: Muy importante. Maybe even more so than fixing snaggle teeth, in my book! Get a good mattress that will last a long time!

  3. Well, sounds like things are on a positive upswing! I know your weight isn't moving as fast as you'd like, but at least it's moving. I'm moving, but slowly. But it is what it is and I'm not going to stress over it. I could, but I won't and you shouldn't either! As far as the tooth goes... I pray it goes through for you. What a dumb rule about being 23! I mean, HELLO! Are you suppose to stop caring just because you're not a teenager/college kid anymore??? STUPID. As far as mattresses go... we have one of those latex foam beds and have loved it! But I won't lie, when we went to Ikea they had some AMAZING mattresses at really great prices! I mean, REALLY great! I was tempted to get one even though ours isn't that old, either. But the most you get out of a mattress is usually 10yrs. So, in another year or so, we'll probably go ahead and replace ours. But for now, we'll stick with our Jamison. Anyways, you should look into an Ikea mattress!

  4. *snicker* I've been trying to find a way to reply to your comment without being totally flabbergasted! I tend to be rather straightforward, but I was cracking up so bad! Anyways, the answer is it makes no difference and is actually a bit better... meaning that my hubby says it's easier on his knees. LOL Plus, since there isn't as much 'movement' you don't really lose a good position. So for us, it's actually been a good change! Plus, since it's latex, it tends to breathe pretty well and seem to not get as hot. I will say that it needs some time to get use to overall. I think it took 3 or 4 days for my body to be like ahhhh! Cause the first few days I was stiff and sore so I had to find a new comfortable way to lay on it. I don't remember an Ikea being very close, but there should be one within a few hours drive. But I warn you -- Ikea is an all day thing the first couple of times you go, so you might want to make it something you do with a friend as a fun all day outing!

  5. Dental care is insane, even here in NZ its expensive. I'm just glad its free for the kids until they're 18!

  6. Snaggle tooth? I totally have not noticed that about you. There are pics of you smiling all big and pretty, and I can't notice an alligator tooth anywhere. You have a nice smile. But if you want braces and stuff I hope that everything works out for you.
    I need a new mattress so badly. I have expensive tastes too though, so it is just going to have to wait. Le sigh.


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