Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly Weigh In 8

This week I only lost .2 lbs. I had TOM though and some really nasty post nasal drip all week though and probably ate a little more than usual and most certainly worked out less. I can't beat myself up though because I did see .8 lower in the middle of the week. I started taking Phentermine on Sunday and hope it gives me the kick I need to start losing more consistently. My blood work came back normal other than having a slightly lowered CO2 level, so my thyroid appears to be functioning normally. The DR thinks the phen should help and I'm anxious to see how far it will take me. I have a 30 day supply and can refill once if my blood pressure stays in check by the end of the first month on it. I can't say that I'm bouncing off the walls or anything, but it does make me feel more alert and I kinda crash around midnight so I've been sleeping well the last few days too. I have a lot to attend to today so I will have to fill you guys in on all the details later, peace for now.


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