Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just an Update!!!

Chiroprator yesterday was amazing! I saw a new DR that did this really neat, albeit painful move that popped my hips on both sides. I felt really sore after that, but my range of motion seems to be improving with each visit and my hip looks like it is starting to lower back into place. I'm still having some pain, but things are feeling better! I also hopped on the scale this morning and my weight is back down! HOORAY! I just hope it stays there or goes lower for the weigh in on Sunday!

I also stopped into the housing office yesterday to get my answers on this move. I don't know if I told you all or not, but they were trying to move us into another 3 bedroom (about 70 sq ft smaller though) and it had stairs. I told them repeatedly that I couldn't handle stairs while I'm dealing with this injury and wanted to know what would happen if I refused the home they were offering. Well I got my answer yesterday, nothing. They will just have to wait for a single story to open up! I'm really happy about that because it gives me time to nurse my injury and hopefully the next house we are offered wont' be smaller. I'll take equal or bigger, but smaller seems unfair even if it has the same amount of bedrooms. What I'm scared of is being offered a 2 bedroom (because technically, that's all we qualify for) and they would have the "right" to only offer us that if that's what it came to. The 2 bedroom single stories over here are as small as 650 sq ft!!! The house we are in now is 1310 sq ft, I could not imagine putting all our stuff into a home that small. I would hate it, but if that happened I think I'd just leave military housing all together. I need space, I lived in a single-wide trailer my whole life before marriage and I just refuse to go back to a sardine can. I cant, I wont. Some of the 3 bedrooms go up to 1700 sq ft with garages, that would be nice as hell, but those are all 2 story except the handicap homes and I doubt they would offer us one of those even it it came available because obviously there are people that are truly handicapped and would need it over me. I was told to call in as often as I liked to inquire on the openings, so I think I'll do that every Monday and Thursday until we get another offer. I hope it takes at least 2 weeks though and I'm sure it will, people move a lot in the military, but not everyday and when we are waiting on such a specific floor plan it will take longer I'm sure.

That's about all my updates for now I believe, thank you everyone for being so supportive to me through all this. It means a lot to know there are people (strangers even) that care and want to help inspire me. I love you guys, every single one! Thanks!


  1. I hope you heal fast! Good luck with the housing situation! I'm glad you can somewhat stall the process so you can take the time to heal.

    I think in Asia people are used to people snapping pictures.... but I do get stares in general but I'm pretty oblivious to it HAHA

  2. Hey, Pepa. Life has been pretty complicated and extremely crazy for like the last year. Have to go catch horses, though. Will talk more later.

  3. Yay! This is a good update from the last! So, you're getting two comments in one day. LOL Hopefully your issue with your hip is something that over the next couple of visits will be corrected and by the time that is done, you will have a new place. However, I wonder how many of them have been checked for this sort of issue? We were in military housing for a while in Goose Creek, SC and I don't think we ever had an issue, but it makes you wonder how often they REALLY go through and check them? When we moved to VA, we made the choice to use our BAH to buy a house in Newport News and that worked out well. But I wouldn't want to do that now unless housing there is still like it was back in the day! I just hope you don't have to wait MONTHS to get into somewhere else. :/

  4. Chiropators are awesome, I actually work part time at a Chiro place as a reception and I see a lot of people come in, in pain and with in weeks/months are better. I've never actually been to one I do my Acupunture at my job and my massages (because I get half off staff rate.) I'm sure you'll be better in no time!

    As for the housing situation...That sucks and 650sq ft is small thats like the size of a one bedroom apartment here!

    P.S congrats on being the biggest loser for your team! :)

  5. Hey girl! You are right, you have the same Sunny that you used to follow before. I started fresh with a new blog. I'm now at:

    You sure have alot going on lately but you look great! :)

  6. I envy your visits to the Chiro. I really need to get adjusted a few times, but can't really afford it right now. I went to this Chiro here after I injured myself, and after four visits I stayed pain free for many years. Le sigh.
    Yeah, you totally shouldn't have to move into a place that is smaller than the one that you are living in now. Can they deal with the mold problem instead of just having you move out? Or is it something that can't really be fixed?


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