Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Week I Gained, but I'm Proud!

This week has been one hellacious rollercoaster ride for me health wise, but I've managed to pull through it and know that this week is going to be a whole lot better! My cousin got here last Saturday and as I mentioned before, she is not a fan of healthy eating and all around very picky. I did manage to keep at least one meal a day on plan and ate my healthy snacks. The bad was I drank waaaay too much alcohol and not nearly enough water. Her BF came up on Wednesday and we all hung out and had fun until they they left this morning. My bad foods for the week were... pizza on 4 occassions (if you count leftovers), homemade spaghetti w/ meat sauce and garlic bread, a loaded funnel cake, cheese fries, bacon egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns from Hardee's, homemade chicken and dumplings, cream potatoes with butter, and bacon cheese bread. Mind you this was the bad stuff for the entire length of her trip that I indulged in, which was 9 days. Not great, but not completely horrible and I did try to control portions very well. Now as far as alcohol goes... they like to drink and when I'm around drinkers I like to drink too. I never drink alone and rarely have anyone to drink with, so I did take advantage of that. If I were to guess I'd say over the course of the week I had... 2 tall boy bud lights, 2 hard cider beers, 1 mikes hard lemonade, 4 shots of rum with assorted mixers, 1 woo woo shooter, 1 woo woo mixer, 1 sex on the beach, 2 long island iced teas, 2 screw drivers, 1 tequila sunrise, and probably only 1 or possibly 2 more mixed drinks. Other than the afformentioned I didn't consume much other food at all, a few fiber bars, a handful of tv dinners, and a homemade chicken wrap. When you combine the activity level with the overall calories, I think it balanced out in my favor, as I am only up .4 lbs for the week. I'm fairly certain my colon is aching for a nice poo and I'm most definitely still retaining water from the booze and my injury. I am pleased overall that things did not turn out worse. I'm not happy with a gain, but I'll accept it in light of the circumstances!

My leg/hip/back/butt is still hurting and I made a chiropractic appointment for tuesday and my physical therapy appointments start wednesday, so hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to do some real exercise very soon. For now though, I have to lay off the gym and probably rest up until after I talk to the physical therapist. I know I've been way overusing the leg, but how often does your family come up for a visit? I couldn't just lay up on the couch the entire time they were here! We went to the amusement park and walked for hours one day, went clubbing twice and did plenty of dancing to break a sweat, went to the beach checked out the sights, and generally tried to stay on the move. Again, considering my injury, I am pleased with the activity that I did get in. Today however, I plan to relax and watch True Blood- and of course purge any bad leftovers and get back on plan immediately! I also need to clean up the house, so hopefully the leg will cooperate enough to let me bend over and pick up. I was so tired when we came home last night as we shut down the bar, and I slept from 6:30am to 6:00pm. I think I might take a double dose of valium to get back to sleep tonight, lol!

I don't think I mentioned my dental thing, so here's an update on that. They denied me based on age and didn't seem to take into consideration what my dentist said about my future medical concerns, so I plan to file an appeal, but I need to get on that soon because there is a limited window to get it done. Problem is with everything else that is going on around here, I have no idea when I could fit all that in or where to even start, as the dental insurance company is less than forthcoming with information required for the process of appeals. I need to call my dentist soon and get it all figured out.

My housing situation is up in the air, but that is a hugely long story that I will have to write about later because my head is already starting to hurt writing this novel of my latest woes! SO next blog post will include... my mold test results, my information on where I am being offered to move and the details/concerns of up being uprooted against my will, DH updates and a possible chance to fly out to see him, updates from the chiropracter and physical therapist, and whether I have a whoosh after I start funneling water like a frat boy! Good luck chickies, this WILL be a good week and I am DETERMINED HELL OR HIGH WATER to lose at LEAST 4 pounds! Watch. Me. Shrink.


  1. you go girl! love the attitude! :)

  2. Considering the last 9 days, I think that is EPIC GOOD to only be up 0.4lbs! That is amazing! You must've done pretty well on the food and activity to only have that! I think with chugging some water and jumping right back in, you're going to have a fantastic week! Can't wait to read your next update!!!

  3. I agree with Jewlz after all of thats you're only up .4 which I don't even count anyways because it's still 165 you did great! I bet you'll drop the 4 pounds fast if you stick to everything! Good luck!


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