Friday, June 15, 2012

I Now Know What it Feels Like to be Old...

I never want my body to break down after experiencing the last few days, it's depressing. I'm a feeling a lot better in my back and hip, but I am still having terrible Sciatica and am not able to workout. Food choices have been ok and I've been staying between 1200 and 1800 calories a day for the last week. The scales have not been kind though and my weight keeps fluctuating between 166 and 169. I understand my body must be in metabolic shock since my exercise routine ended so abruptly and I'm a a little constipated due to all the meds they have me on. I want to start seeing a loss and it's so frustrating knowing that I'm essentially doing all I can. I could cut down to 1000-1200 a day, but that would be killer since I'm a boredom eater and face it, when you can barely move, you get bored.

I truly have a lot that I need to write about but, the time seems to escape me. I am so behind on my daily activities that I push blogging off even if I'm not getting those things done. So in short here's an update to my week. 1) Back / hip pain 80% better, 2) Sciatica, no change can be excruciating at times, 3) ER visit Tuesday got stronger pain killers, but said my xrays were normal- totally conflicts with the xrays I laid eyes on at the chiropractor, 4) in a vicodin/valium/ibuprofen induced coma Wednesday morning, I missed my physical therapy appointment and the next one available wasn't until the 26th, 5) I cleaned my kitchen last night- win for me, 6) I slept for 26 hours straight the other night, 7) housing still up in the air, trying to get details- will update soon, 8) chiropractor seems to be helping, doing decompression, adjustments, and electrostem (love the electrostem), 9) haven't called dentist, seems pointless in my current condition, afraid I'll miss the appeals deadline for my claim though, 10) did a total Twilight-a-thon and really miss DH now, 11) actually left my house to do something other than see the DR yesterday, first time all week, 12) need to schedule another DR appointment before physical therapy to work on pain management, 13) haven't food journaled in days or written in my "deployment diary" since the 4th and have a lot of entries to make up.

I think that sums up in a nutshell what I wanted to share. I'll come back in a few days and fill you in on all the specifics, but for now that's about all I can handle. Good luck chickies and I miss you guys!


  1. Keep going, it's taken me three weeks of no working out and calorie counting for the scale to budge. 3 weeks and my calories range of 1400 - 2500 (on cheat day/booze days) lol. So even though you're not working out it might take a couple of weeks for the scale to drop just on calorie counting alone. You're doing great especially with everything going on around you! :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Have a lovely weekend and good luck with everything.

  3. AARGH! I hate when things like this are going on and completely throw a wrench in the works!!! But it will be ok. I'd say your weight is stalled out from a number of things such as messed up sleep, meds, etc. So be kind to yourself and know that eventually it will level out. I just hope that you get some relief soon -- I know I had issues with that when I was preggo but thankfully, I eventually got it under control. Hopefully the do the same for you and you can get back to feeling like a fully functioning human! I'm just sorry it's all hitting you at once. :/ Just don't give up and keep trying. That is what is important!


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