Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am ready to SAW off my leg!

This shit has got be fixed quick, I am fucking dying over here! I went to the chiropractor today and got a few answers, but still have a long road ahead. To make a long long story short... my spine is straight as a toothpick. No curve in the lumbar or sacrum, at all. Whether this has been the story of my life or a result of some freak injury is unclear. I have another appointment with him tomorrow right after my physical therapy and I am seriously considering driving to urgent care tonight so that my actual Dr's are forced to take X-rays and see this shit for themselves... pulled muscle my ass! Maybe both, but not just. I did a quick session of decompression therapy today and it seemed to help in the moment, but as soon as I had to sit down in my car the sciatic pain shot through my leg like lightning and I am again almost imobile. The chiropractor did a very short adjustment as well, but I'm not sure if that did anything or not... it was just a few sharp jabs or whatever, but he said he would do more tomorrow.

He also pointed out that I am listing heavily to the right, if I showed you the pictures he took you'd be like WTF? I've been in so much pain and so busy the last few days I haven't really checked myself out in a mirror in over a week. I cried when I got home and looked at how my hips look. It's like one whole side of me is potruding out a good 6 to 8 inches more than the other. I look like some deformed freak of nature standing there with my hip like a huge mountain on the side of my body. How did I not notice this? How did the doctor that did my initial exam not notice that something was seriously amiss? I told the chiropractor I would root around and find some old photos of me standing to prove that I haven't always been the hunch-hip of notre dame and I think I'll probably use the one that's on my old blog of my weigh in side by sides. I'm just completely depressed right now, I want to be fixed so bad and I feel so helpless. Did I mention that my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic at all? The Dr said he'd work with me, so I'm hoping that things won't get too expensive on that front, but at this point I'll do anything to get relief. For now I am seriously going to try to clean my house, it HAS to be done pain or not.

Call Dad
Clean House
Find/Print Old Pictures
Urgent Care Tonight?
Sleep in Time for Early PT Appt.


  1. After my back injury and after sever Sciatic pain for a year I went for spinal decompression and I got wonderful results. I couldn't run even 10 meters and now I do my 5K run. He was very confident about the results and he did a great job. Since then I sent 3 other friends to him for similar problem but for all of them, after first visit he didn't accept the patient and said you are not the right candidate for decompression. The part that I liked about it was that during 20 sessions of decompression I didn't take even a single pain killer. He managed all the pain with acupuncture.

  2. Oh man, I hope he can help you Pep. I know I've had back pain for a long time and have tried several things. Having the movement chain assessment done showed me my ares of weakness and then the trainer gave me a personalized program that helped tremendously. I also went to a chiro and my spine does not curve like it should. The exercises helped way more than any adjustment. Sounds like you've never been to a chiro before, I hope they told you that often it will feel worse after an adjustment but will get better.
    Good luck!


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