Monday, June 4, 2012

Howdy to the Red Team!

Hello to the Red Team, Gertie, Lyrical, Jel and me! Just wanted to say hi and lets kick some ass in this challenge! This week my cuzzo is visting me and I promise I'm gonna try to be on my best behavior to pull a good number for the team! We'll be hitting up a theme park tomorrow and the beach all week, so hopefully I'll burn calories walking and swimming! I'm currently fighting either A) a pinched nerve in my lower back or B) a pulled hip flexor or lower back muscle, but I'm trying to not let it bother me too bad. I have to admit it is getting worse though, so I might be hitting the DR's office this week if it doesn't get better soon! Keep my poor leg/back in your prayers and lets smash this first week outta the park! Good luck ladies and I'll try to find time to write a real blog post by Wednesday!


  1. Shit! I wanted to join that challenge, and totally forgot about it. Is it too late to join? Dang me and my forgetful ways.

  2. Rest, and ice! The worse thing you can do right now is push through it. If it doesn't start feeling better see a Doctor. I've seen numerous clients push through and cause more problems resulting in longer recovery time! Our teams needs ya:) GO RED!



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