Monday, June 11, 2012

Why is being good so hard???

After the last week of being off plan, being good is really hard to do. Combine that with my limited mobility and I feel like a disaster waiting to happen. Today I had a tv dinner, 2 fiber bars, some leftover tortilla chips, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Definitely not my normal diet food (the grilled cheese and chips), but I think I'm doing ok considering the massive cravings for other things. It's almost 10pm and I'd usually be up until about 3am, but tonight I'm about to try to make that midnight because I have to be at the chiropractor at 11:15am tomorrow. My weight was up today a pound and a half, so I don't know what's going on there, delayed reaction to all the beer? I'm really gonna try not to let that bother me, but it's high time I get back into my daily routine. Recording food calories, weight each morning, and journaling. I haven't made an entry in about 6 days, so I have a lot of catching up to do on that. The leg has been killing me today and I've been hobbling around from the couch, kitchen, and bathroom all day and haven't done a thing at all. Being so limited is truly making me crave a lot too, I am most definitely a boredom eater.

I usually don't like taking diuretics because you have to be careful not to dehydrate yourself, but I think I going to try that for a day or two to see if I really am carrying a lot of water weight. I know that weight doesn't come on and off literally "overnight", but it'd be damn nice to see 163 again before the week is out and at least know that I didn't royally screw myself. Thanks again ladies for all the support and comments. I would reply back to you all individually, but my meds are giving me general malaise and just clicking around, reading and replying seems like a feat right now. Mr. Chiropractor, I sure hope you are a miracle worker because I'm ready to actually get my fat ass off the couch for a while!

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